Ratté's Circle of Life: Artscope Magazine Article

"New forms of life bloom along those long-buried in Ratté's visions, fusing poetry with the pulses of evolution and endurance deep within the Earth.  "Escalier" (sculpture), a long corkscrew "necklace" twining around a spine of shell-beads, dangles effortlessly in mid-air like an underwater plant reaching for the sun.  Toruses of gilded cloth constrict ocean pebbles pierced by fossilized wormholes that wind their way upward along the core.  A double helix of sky-blue beads bubbles up in a twisted ladder toward the surface.  Below, a clutch of hollow brass bells fashioned from exploded bombs by women who survived the Cambodian killing fields drags the superstructure downward.  The darkness of human catastrophe is thus buoyed up by a regenerative lightness and light."  

- Elizabeth Michelman, Artscope Magazine, September/October 2016 Issue, Ratté-Featured Artist 

Read a longer excerpt of the article here or download the entire article here in PDF format.